Biotech Leader Bio-Rad to Evaluate SAGA Diagnostics’ Technology

LUND, Sweden — /June 14, 2017/ — SAGA Diagnostics AB, a genomic testing company focused on precision oncology and non-invasive monitoring of circulating tumor DNA in cancer patients, today announces an agreement with a global provider of life science and clinical diagnostic products, Bio‑Rad Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE: BIO and BIOb), who will evaluate one of SAGA’s proprietary technologies for exquisitely sensitive and specific quantification of genetic variants and mutations. Under the agreement, Bio-Rad will test the performance of SAGA’s material and analytical tools.


“We are pleased to work with SAGA Diagnostics. Their unparalleled, ultrasensitive molecular method for variant detection would make a valuable addition to our current digital genomic offerings if it proves as effective in our hands as theirs.”  – Dr. George Karlin-Neumann, Director of Scientific Affairs, Bio-Rad’s Digital Biology Center, Pleasanton, California.


This will be the first time that an external party has tested SAGA’s products.


“This is an exciting step for SAGA Diagnostics. We are confident that Bio-Rad will execute a thorough testing of our technology and find it performs as described. Third-party validation has been a goal of ours for some time, and we look forward to seeing the results.” – Lao Saal, M.D. Ph.D., Founder and CEO SAGA Diagnostics.


Details and commercial terms of this agreement are confidential.


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About SAGA Diagnostics AB

SAGA Diagnostics is a personalized cancer genomics and disease monitoring company that offers molecular genetic testing of tissue biopsies and non-invasive “liquid biopsies” such as a blood sample. SAGA Diagnostics enables biopharmaceutical companies, scientists, and healthcare providers to stratify patients, detect actionable mutations, and monitor treatment response. SAGA’s technology is based on years of precise, thorough science, initially developed at Lund University in Sweden. Analysis of circulating tumor DNA using these proprietary technologies gives SAGA industry-leading ultrasensitivity, and gives patients peace of mind.


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About Bio-Rad

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