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Ultrasensitive cancer diagnostics & monitoring

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The Liquid Biopsy Advantage

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100x Increased Sensitivity.
Made Possible by a Simple Blood Test.


SAGAsafe® (formerly known as IBSAFE) is based on digital PCR (dPCR) and detects and quantifies mutations with unique ultrasensitivity to 0.001% MAF (Mutant Allele Frequency). This is approximately 100-fold improved compared to competing methods.

SAGA has developed and validated more than 250 different assays to date, covering most of the mutations of clinical interest*.


SAGAsign® (formerly known as KROMA) is a unique hybrid method which is ideal for monitoring of response to therapy, MRD (minimal residual disease), and recurrences. The predictive power of SAGAsign® has been verified in clinical studies*. We have been able to predict recurrences in breast cancer patients and identify metastatic disease up to 3-years prior to patient symptoms.


SAGAseq® is a third platform technology currently in development which marries enhanced sequencing library preparation together with AI/machine learning bioinformatics to reduce sequencing noise and increase true-positive signal. Pan-cancer, tumor-type-specific, TMB (tumor mutational burden), and other customizable panels will be available.

*Non-CE-IVD marked products are currently available for research use only and not for in vitro diagnostic use.

For Biopharma

Clinical Trials: a gamechanger for Biopharma

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ctDNA & Liquid biopsy

Extensive R&D shows the excellence of the ctDNA cancer biomarker

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