SAGA awarded €200,000 grant from Sweden’s innovation agency Vinnova

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LUND, Sweden — /March 16, 2021/ — SAGA Diagnostics AB, a cancer liquid biopsy and genomic testing company focused on precision oncology and non-invasive ultrasensitive monitoring of cancer patients, has been awarded a grant of 2.0 MSEK (~ €200,000) from the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (Vinnova) under the SME 2020 Innovation Project program (Innovationsprojekt i små och medelstora företag 2020). SAGA was one of only five life science companies to be selected for this highly competitive grant, which is awarded to companies with unique innovation capacity in order to promote their competitiveness, attractiveness, and long-term growth.


We are excited and honored to have been awarded this grant. By developing a unique, improved sequencing-based method for ultrasensitive cancer diagnostics and monitoring, we will have the opportunity to broaden our menu of available solutions. This grant gives us the possibility to bring SAGAseq to market faster to benefit our customers and ultimately the patients.
Dr. Sofia Birkeälv, Molecular Diagnostics Scientist NGS Lead at SAGA Diagnostics


The goal of this project is to complete and bring to market SAGA’s third platform technology, SAGAseq®, an innovative approach based on next-generation sequencing (NGS) of customized libraries and bioinformatics enhanced by AI/machine learning, which together significantly improve sensitivity and specificity for mutation detection.  Ultimately, SAGAseq panel solutions will be used to interrogate clinically-relevant genes to identify actionable mutations and provide predictive and prognostic information.  This expands our market coverage in addition to the segments covered by our complementary platform solutions, SAGAsafe® and SAGAsign®.




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About SAGA Diagnostics AB
SAGA Diagnostics is a personalized cancer genomics and disease monitoring company that offers molecular genetic testing of tissue biopsies and non-invasive “liquid biopsies” such as blood samples. SAGA helps pharmaceutical companies, scientists, and healthcare providers to detect actionable mutations, stratify patient groups, and monitor treatment response more accurately and to an industry-leading lower limit of detection of 0.001%. Analysis of circulating tumor DNA using its proprietary technologies gives SAGA unique ultrasensitivity, and provides the basis for optimal decision-making.

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