SAGA enters into research collaboration with University College London

LUND, Sweden — /June 17, 2020/ — SAGA Diagnostics AB, a cancer liquid biopsy and genomic testing company focused on precision oncology and non-invasive ultrasensitive monitoring of cancer patients, today announced a research collaboration with University College London (UCL) Cancer Institute.


In the course of this collaboration, SAGA will design and utilize its proprietary ultrasensitive SAGAsafe® technology for detection of a panel of mutations in EGFR and other genes and perform analyses on clinical samples.  SAGAsafe® is uniquely able to detect variants down to ~0.001% mutant allele frequency.


In several of our scientific projects, we require a method with an exceedingly low limit of detection to characterize rare cancer subclones.  We are impressed by the performance of SAGA’s technology and are intrigued by what we can bring to light.  

Professor Charles Swanton, FRS FRCP FMedSci, Chair, Personalised Cancer Medicine, University College London, Co-Director, CRUK Lung Cancer Centre of Excellence, Senior Group Leader, Cancer Evolution and Genome Instability Laboratory, The Francis Crick Institute


SAGAsafe® is a patented improvement of digital PCR that enables approximately 100-fold increased sensitivity compared to competitor methods, and can be used to quantify mutations in tissue samples as well as liquid biopsies such as blood plasma with unprecedented performance.  The analyses will be run in the SAGA Diagnostics central laboratory in Lund, Sweden.


We are honored that our SAGAsafe technology was chosen by Professor Swanton and his team and are excited to soon deliver analytical results that may be unachievable with other technologies. The Swanton group is world-renowned for their ground-breaking research on lung cancer. This collaboration harmonizes perfectly with SAGA’s ambitions to provide our ultrasensitive technologies to advance cancer research and ultimately make a difference for patients.

– Lao Saal, co-founder and CEO of SAGA Diagnostics


SAGAsafe® is part of a portfolio of ultrasensitive technologies, which also includes SAGAsign® for personalized monitoring of cancer burden using chromosomal rearrangements, as well as novel technologies in development. SAGA offers both off-the-shelf analysis services and kits as well as custom-tailored solutions to fit customers’ needs.  SAGA’s molecular tools are being used in clinical trials and hospitals for detecting actionable mutations, monitoring treatment response, measuring minimal residual disease, and identifying resistance mechanisms to help direct therapy.


Contact: CEO Lao Saal, MD PhD.   Phone: +46 (0) 733 01 7242


About SAGA Diagnostics AB

SAGA Diagnostics is a personalized cancer genomics and disease monitoring company that offers molecular genetic testing of tissue biopsies and non-invasive “liquid biopsies” such as blood samples. SAGA helps pharmaceutical companies, scientists, and healthcare providers to detect actionable mutations, stratify patient groups, and monitor treatment response more accurately and to an industry-leading lower limit of detection of 0.001%. Analysis of circulating tumor DNA using these proprietary technologies gives SAGA unique ultrasensitivity, and provides the basis for optimal decision-making.

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