SAGAsafe® EGFR T790M
mutation detection kit

Detect and quantify EGFR T790M mutations in tissue and blood with unparalleled sensitivity.

The SAGAsafe® EGFR T790M assay achieves industry-leading superior performance by employing the patented ultrasensitive SAGAsafe® technology which in comparison to traditional approaches enhances true-positive signals and at the same time reduces false-positive signals. This leads to a 100- to 1000-fold improvement in detection limit compared to competitor technologies and kits.

SAGAsafe® EGFR T790M is performed on cfDNA obtained from a simple blood sample which means that sample material is easily available and allows for easy and low-cost repetition of testing.

The features

  • Highest sensitivity and specificity, 100- to 1000-fold improved
  • Performed on cfDNA obtained from a simple blood sample
  • Rapid turn-around time (1 day sample to result)
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Technical details

Mutation targeted EGFR p.T790M (c.2369C>T)
Regulatory status RUO*
Technology Digital PCR
System Validated on the Bio-Rad QXDx™/QX200™ ddPCR™ system
Sample type Tumor tissue DNA or cfDNA derived from plasma samples
Kit sizes available 25 samples or 100 samples

Limit of Blank (LoB) and Limit of Detection (LoD) at maximum loading and with 95% confidence interval

95% CI Limit of Blank Limit of Detection
SAGAsafe EGFR T790M test 0.0010% MAF 0.0037% MAF

*A CE-IVD-marked version of the product will be available in July 2020.

The product mentioned here is not commercially available in all countries. Please contact us for further details.